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Summary Meeting of Shandong Yino in the First Half of 2019

author:Shandong Yino Biologic Materialssource:Shandong Yino Biologic MaterialsNumber:149dates:2019-07-25

Summary Meeting of Shandong Yino in the First Half of 2019

On July 22, 2019, Shandong Yino Biologic Materials Co., Ltd. convened a work summary meeting in the first half of 2019. Liu Zhanjie, Deputy Secretary of the Party branch, Chairman and general manager, presided over the meeting and made a concluding speech. Secretary Dong of the Party Branch attended the meeting and made important speeches.

At the meeting, according to the work plan for 2019 put forward by Mr.Liu at the beginning of the year, heads of departments made a concluding statement of the work in the first half of the year, put forward the existing problems, and made a detailed plan for the work in the second half of the year.

Secretary Dong, Party branch secretary and trade union Chairman, made a comprehensive report on the work of Party branch and trade union in the first half of the year. With the introduction of Kyocera philosophy and culture, the ideological mode, spiritual state and sense of dedication of all staff have been significantly improved. We should further strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization of all staff, constantly improve the comprehensive quality of staff, promote production and management, and ensure safety.

Mr. Liu made a summary speech at the meeting, which put forward new requirements for all sides, including: production, safety and environmental protection, establishment of quality management system, finance, improvement of salary system, Hosn project, Party building and trade union, Kyocera culture learning. Mr.Liu also made a comprehensive strategic plan for the second half of the company's work. The way of going out and studying is put forward to improve the vision of managers and production and management skills.